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The Irish Princess (2011)

by Karen Harper(Favorite Author)
3.75 of 5 Votes: 4
0451232828 (ISBN13: 9780451232823)
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review 1: Amongst the dozens of books out there that follow the Tudor Era The Irish Princess unfortunately falls far from the top of the list. Maybe I have just read too many of these books from that era but the book just did not sit well with me. I found it dragging a lot and I just could not connect with Elizabeth Fitzgerald.The romance between Edward and Elizabeth was cute enough but I find it hard to believe that with all the 'A Geraldine! A Geraldine!' going on 'Gera' would fall for someone who was so close to the person who okayed the murder of most of family. Also the giant age gap between Gera and her first husband was disgusting!Overall not a book I would highly recommend seeing as to how there are so many other great books following the same era b ut not a bad read ei... morether.
review 2: I'm really drawn to Ireland and the Irish, so this story filled my bucket. I loved reading about the history and how it was linked with the English Aristocracy. Of course I love the romance, too, and other than blushing a couple of times, it was entirely appropriate for a reading group. The writer did a good job with the balance of "fighting for what you want" and "doing what's best for all". The main character was a strong woman, but, generally, not a stupid one. less
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I always enjoy her books and was interested to learn about a historic figure who was new to me.
Great historical story, hope we get to see this castle when we go to Ireland!
Amazing book, I absolutely loved it!
loved the historical fiction
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