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In Rides Trouble (2012)

by Julie Ann Walker(Favorite Author)
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Sourcebooks Casablanca
Black Knights Inc.
review 1: I actually read the first book from this series and really disliked it, but I was told the second book was much better so I gave this author a second chance. Even though this book was better than the first I still cannot give it more than a two star rating.The characters were more interesting than the first book as they were better developed, but the way they act just seem so ridiculous. I still felt like I was reading a teen novel and I could not stomach the immature dialogue. The action was good for the first half of the book but then the story dragged on for the rest of it. The end was a big disappointment. The intense parts of the book feel rushed and the problems the characters face resolve themselves too quickly to build any suspense. I will not be reading any more b... moreooks from this author!
review 2: 3.5 starsI liked the characters in this one much more than the first although I often found Becky edging a little too close to the TSTL line. Frank's reasoning for not being with her is so beyond ridiculous that when it finally came to light I wanted to strangle him and choke myself. For a man whose almost 40 and runs an elite force of operatives he's a fool to the nth degree.Yes, the story had parts that were beyond corny and some of the dialogue was cheesy and ridiculous. Oh, and all of the parts with Sharif's POV could've been completely cut out and not taken anything from the book. I skipped them all and didn't miss anything. But overall it was a light entertaining read and I am interested to see more. My biggest complaints are that there was not nearly enough Ozzie. I needed an Ozzie fix and I see that there are four more books and none of them are about Ozzie. Not really liking that. Also the euphemisms for bad words and little cheese ball language was off-the-charts annoying. Big, bad-ass bikers and their chicks do not speak this way. "Yeppers", "cheese and rice" those are the most repeated ones but there are a ton more. It's like they took the book and edited it for kids bop. And the dialogue between Becky and Bill where they act like middle schoolers flinging insults like booger face or some such ridiculously childish thing was just stupid. They sounded like children. It was so out of place and made them seem immature. It also significantly lowered both of their badass quotient. I think the author included it to show an endearing relationship between brother and sister but it completely missed the mark. I'm also reluctant to read the next book because the h/H are characters we met only briefly in this book and I have no attachment or emotional involvement with them. I was eager to read this book because of how big a role Frank and Becky played in the first book. But Snake showed up for like a second at the end of this and Shel was barely a blip. So I'm not really sure how I feel about moving forward with so little curiosity invested in these characters. less
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Loved this book - Outstanding series!
*2 1/2 Stars*
cooool book
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