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Coexist (2011)

by Julia Crane(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 4
Valknut Press
Keegan's Chronicles
review 1: This wasn't a bad book. I picked it up for free on my Kindle and I am always willing to read those when I have some free time. I was drawn into this story immediately. I liked the characters the story flowed well and didn't stall out at any point. Keegan and her family are going to battle to save their race. While Keegan is preparing for battle she gets the opportunity to meet her "chosen" Rourk. I will say not a lot happens in this book. It is almost as though it is an introduction to the characters with a snip-it as to what the following books will focus on. That being said I am still going to check out the other books to see what happens to Keegan and Rourk. I think it's worth checking out if you want some light reading.
review 2: Keegan is a 16 year old elf
... more that lives among the humans. Her father is the leader of the battle between Light and Dark so he is insistent that she learns how to defend herself. Her brother Thaddeus has visions and has seen her die in the battle so he gives Keegan Rourk’s name. She just has to think it and he will find a way to get to her.Thanddeus’s visions have also shown that the war between Light and Dark is going to happen in September in Ireland. So they go about constant training and transportation to Ireland. Thankfully Thaddeus’ vision has given them and edge but they will still need more if they are going to win.I really liked this story. Keegan is a likable character, has a lot of similarities to regular teens but the elf abilities really enhance her. The idea of the chosen one is great and is a great pivot point for this story. I had to laugh when they were getting ready for the war and Keegan realized that there is more to her fellow students than she thinks.I can’t wait to get the next book in the series, Conflicted, to see where the story goes from here. This is a great young adult fantasy story.I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review. less
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This was a good read. I loved how the book was intriguing and gripping from the first sentence.
Pretty good but not much emotion and fast paced. I will read the next one of the series.
I loved the end when Thaddeus pretended to see a prophecy and ended the war.
Nice book, now i want to read the rest of the series
Rourk and Keegan, elves
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