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Hoeveel Regen (2012)

by Jon Bauer(Favorite Author)
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9057594560 (ISBN13: 9789057594564)
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review 1: Rocks in the Belly, is a troubling book about a family told from the perspective of a young man who has come home to look after his terminally ill mother from who he has been estranged. The book switches back and forth from age 8 to 28 and through this device we are given hints and insights into the relationship that he has with his mother and with his father. His parents foster troubled boys and it is the jealousy that this creates in him that is the impetus for his increasingly brattish behaviour both as an eight year old and as a young man. Is he to blame for what he does? Is his mother? His father? the foster boy Robert? Who knows... there us a lot ponder in this book.
review 2: The subject matter is confronting, and the author doesn't back away from diffi
... morecult issues such as nature v nurture, parental responsibility & sibling rivalry. The alternating perspectives of the 8 year old and the 28 year old each inform the other. It is a testament to the author's skill that the novel remains engaging even though the protagonist is an unsympathetic figure. I thoroughly enjoyed the writing style and the story itself. less
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A well written book, but I struggled greatly with the nasty man that the nasty boy grew into.
Thanks to Goodreads & Scribe, I have a copy of this one. I can't wait to read it!
A great read, I highly recommend this another book that is hard to put down
Disturbing. Poignant. Funny. Sad. Moving. Read it.
Interesting voice
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