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Be Different: Adventures Of A Free-Range Aspergian (2011)

by John Elder Robison(Favorite Author)
3.96 of 5 Votes: 4
0385670338 (ISBN13: 9780385670333)
Doubleday Canada
review 1: This book gives the first hand account of what it was like growing up with Asperger's syndrome before the diagnosis even existed. Robinson, diagnosed with AS at the age of 40, looks at things like fitting in, manners, dating, bullies, emotions and sensory overload (to name a few topics) and how it is different for him compared to those without AS - or "neurotypicals". He also gives advice and tips for how to be successful. As a mother of a teenager with Aspergers, this biography was touching, insightful and heart-wrenching. I saw my son and other children in his stories and even identified with some of the stories about social awkwardness myself. I quite enjoyed reading about Robinson's life and I would recommend this book to anyone who has AS, who thinks they may, or... more who loves someone who does. (Ashley, read Fall 2014)
review 2: I listened to this on CD. It was read by the author. I found it interesting and I think it would be especially helpful for those with an asperger diagnosis or those with loved ones with an asperger diagnosis. I appreciated that it combined stories of his difficulties and challenges as well as his unique strengths...and showed how those with aspergers can overcome at least some of their challenges, and use their strengths to contribute to the world. It is both his story and a story of hope for those suffering with autism spectrum disorder. less
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This book provides a great perspective and insight. So glad I had the opportunity to read this.
Brilliant insight to Aspergers. Beautifully written and a must read for teachers and parents.
A helpful read for teachers serving children with Asperger's.
Stronger beginning; skipped through parts of the second half.
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