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Red Dawn (2000)

by J.J. Bonds(Favorite Author)
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Crossroads Academy
review 1: yet another thrilling ride, I am amaze at how writers can pack so much action and suspense into too few pages. another year at crossroads, and Kataia is faced with new challenges, Pratt's obvious dislike of her thickens, stupid new school rules, tighten the boundaries of their freedom, new skills seem to lops on the horizon for Kataia, the blood-memory proves to be useful, another foe presents itself, adding to a follow on novel that is sure to keep the ride as eventful as ever.Nickolia and Kataia have finally defined their relationships, and she is allowing herself to be vulnerable, but we know that won't last long, there is sure to be some major problems on the way to try their trust and to test of Kataia can not only trust Nik but herself to be love, and allow her self ... morea chance at happiness.shay and Keegan's story will be interesting to witness some more as I'm sure it will eventually come to light, bringing with it some new drama, Blane is proving to be very useful and might just have a place in the story to come. it seems like a war is brewing on the horizon and it is sure to make this journey at crossroads even ,more exciting!
review 2: Red Dawn is the second book in the Crossroads Academy series by J.J. Bonds. The story revolved around Katia, who is determined to save her friend from dying of a blood disease. Her friend Shaye had become like a sister to her, and she is willing to put herself in danger to get the info she needs.This is a fast paced, action packed book. I don't want to give away the plot line, but it's complex. Katia and Nic escape from Crossroads to follow a lead on the missing cure. Not only are they in danger of getting expelled, they end up getting themselves in several dangerous situations.I liked that Nic and Katia had more alone time together in this book. They were constantly following leads and placing themselves in danger though, so there wasn't a whole lot of romance. I liked seeing them act more like a couple though. Katia is unsure how deep Nic's feeling go, and how serious their relationship is. She's falling hard though. There are some steamy make-out sessions, but nothing that parents wouldn't be ok with their teenage daughters reading.I liked Katia better in this book. Because of all the revelations at the end of the last book, it lets the reader feel like they know Katia now. She definitely doesn't hesitate to take control of a situation. When she has her mind set on something, there is no stopping her. She's a bit snarky and stubborn, but that's just who she is. If you like a lot of twist and turns, along with adventure, then I suggest you give this book a try! less
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Excellent read! Fun and fast paced! Looking forward to the next book in the series! Good job JJ!
Just as awesome and exciting as the first in this series! Full review to come!
The cover is gorgeous!! AHHH 2 more days!!!!!
Good story but it felt a bit rushed.
Review to come
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