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Last Gift (2013)

by Jessica Clare(Favorite Author)
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Jen Frederick
review 1: I cann't believe that I have't left a review for this sooner. I can't get enough of Nick and Daisy and this book did not disappoint. I loved getting a glimpse of Nick in "real life" now that he's no longer a hit man. He's still suspicious and will always be protective of Daisy which I will always love about him. The fact that he didn't realize that the girl from class was hitting on him was so cute. His innocence and the fact that he could kill someone in 2 seconds is so hot. Amazing sex scenes like always and the end killed me. Daisy's gift was PERFECT and Nick's reaction was heart wrenching but so fitting. Please give us more Nick and Daisy!!!
review 2: Thank you Jessica, thank you Jen, you have really made christmas a naughty one and I really enjoy and love
... moreto know more about Nick and his beloved Daisy.I really can get enough of this couple with Nick and his accent and his lovable way to say things... so formal and so filthy at the same time. He really is one of the kind and that's why Nick and Daisy's story is one of my top romance reads. less
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Yay a sequel. I don't care if its short, short is enough.
Sweet addition to Nik & Daisy's story.
This was really sweet. Loved it.
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