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Fresh Blood (2005)

by Jennifer Colgan(Favorite Author)
3.54 of 5 Votes: 1
1586087673 (ISBN13: 9781586087678)
New Concepts Publishing
review 1: Erica's twin sister is a bit of a partier and goes missing. She calls Erica for help and Erica drops everything to save her like she always has. Erica searches vampire bars in hope of finding her and runs into sexy Max Hart. He is a vampire that works for the vampire government and decides to help Erica look for her sister. Things heat up between them once Erica begins to play the part of feeder in order to find her twin.I enjoyed the story line and the sex scenes were pretty steamy, but I thought it was strange that Erica was so submissive. I don't think I would be complacent with a man not letting me touch him and would want to take control every now and then.
review 2: Erica Talbot is out to find her wayward twin, Elena, who has pleaded for saving. Having h
... moreelped, or tried to help, her twin all her life, Erica sets out into the dark vampire world of modern day to find and free her sister from it - also hoping to get out quick before drawing too much attention to herself. While Erica sets out on her mission, she quickly comes face to fang with the overbearing, dominant vampires. Drawn by the scent of her, Maxwell Hart - Vampire Investigator, steps in just in time to assist Erica in her first vamp confrontation. From here, they partner to locate her twin sister. What neither of them planned on were the twists fate was brining to them both.This book started off fantastically and both main characters were well written. It was a step right into the story and no waiting for back story elements to be filled in.***Gentle hints/spoilers you may want to skip***The supporting cast was done decently, but there were a few drawbacks with the 'opposing' vampires. I never really got a feel for what Carlisle's true motivations were or why Kyra was so quick to sell out someone - other than her troubled past. There was no hinting to Elena's true feelings in regards to Erica.And before I end my 'spoiler' section, my other quirk with the story was the fast developing relationship between hero and heroine. I know it's fiction, but I'm not a fan of the 24 hour fall in love scenerio.***Gentle spoilers over***In any case, I would definitely read more from Jennifer Coolgan, and will possible download the next book in this collection. She writes really well, does amazing, hot sensual scenes, and provides a plot admist the tale. Not to mention her ability to write good dialogue.So overall this story gets 3 stars for the story, and 1 more star because the twist in the plot made up for the small things that irked me.I suggest you give it a read. less
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boring, predictable (& not in a good way)
thanks for the rec BamaGal :D
Too good to be a freebie!!
3.5 stars
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