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All My Patients Have Tales: Favorite Stories From A Vet's Practice (2009)

by Jeff Wells(Favorite Author)
3.78 of 5 Votes: 5
0312537395 (ISBN13: 9780312537395)
St. Martin's Press
review 1: All My Patients Have Tails Biography“All My Patients Have Tails” is a biography about Jeff Wells, a young vet, working in the midwest. From a turkey attack to a constipated cow, Jeff Wells tells us about his ...um… messy occupation. He has also written “All My Patients Kick and Bite” which I plan to read. Jeff Wells is one of my favorite authors because he explains this life-changing, heartwarming, and heartbreaking occupation so well. When I graduate I plan to go to ISU and Veterinary school to become a veterinarian, so when I was looking for biographies on vets I found this. Before I read this I didn’t know that college would be so hard or the long hours. My favorite part was when Jeff meets Bacon and Pork Chop the house pigs. This has to be one of my favo... morerite books of all time because it shows the hours, sweat, and the hilarious encounters with animals and owners. I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes to be a veterinarian or has a beloved pet.
review 2: This is a collection of stories told by a veterinarian. Jeff Wells also includes chapters on how he became a vet and when he started out as a brand new vet at his first job. I really enjoyed this. Living in a city with only cats, I often don't think about all the other types of animals that vets care for, including horses, cows, pigs and there is even one story of a yak! The book had a few cute illustrations, and I liked that each chapter had a very small illustration of whichever type of critter would be focused on in that chapter. Definitely an enjoyable book. less
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Thoroughly enjoyed this fun, light read. I actually found myself laughing out loud on occasion.
As a daughter of a veterinarian I really enjoyed Dr. Wells stories of his experiences.
Cute, but not as good as "Tell me where it hurts".
This was just a fun read - laugh out loud
the illustrations were cute
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