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Dark Lord... Da Gibt's Nichts Zu Lachen (2012)

by Jamie Thomson(Favorite Author)
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Der Hörverlag
Dark Lord
review 1: I haven't laughed out loud this much time reading a children's middle grade fiction book since I WAS in middle school. Thomson does a hilarious job of unfolding this far-fetched tale of the Dark Lord reincarnated/cursed to the human world as a 12-year old boy. The humor lies in his utter belief of himself as the supreme rule of the dark universe and his outburts -- "By the Nine Netherworlds!" -- make the first few chapters utterly engaging. I thought it was going to be more dark than it is. I wouldn't necessarily shy away from offering this book to a child who doesn't ready scary stories, but reads funny stories. It's more funny than scary. I am eager to read the sequel!
review 2: Mwah ha ha haaaaaaa!!! A fun book to read with my ten year old son. Dirk's stru
... moreggle with adjusting to the human world after being master of the dark lands is actually an interesting treatise on self-perception in the face of change and how outside influences can affect one's view of self. The book satirizes those who work in the mental profession with comedic buffoonery and the middle school principal is just plain ineffective. The author does a pretty good job melding tried and true clicks, such as the geeks, jocks, goths, etc., into a quirky group of kids who genuinely care for each other. Dirk's dilemma, trying to get back to the dark lands, is pretty unique; and when his friends realize he's not off his rocker, but is really a Dark Lord, their perception of reality is tested and stretched to the limits. Can't wait to find out how Suze adjusts and deals with similar issues in the follow-up...mwah ha ha ha ha haaaaaa!!! less
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Brilliant! Can't wait to read it out loud to the kids!
It was awesome. Just waiting to read the next one.
the dark lord is awesome
Funny and twisted
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