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Drink Of Me (2010)

by Jacquelyn Frank(Favorite Author)
4.14 of 5 Votes: 1
1420109855 (ISBN13: 9781420109856)
review 1: Reule and his pack are out fighting Jackals when Reule can feel the sorrow of a girl within an inch of her life in the attic of a mold covered shack. They save her and their fellow packmate Chayne and bring them both back to the keep in the city of Jeth. Later after bathing her, the little girl is discovered to be a woman. Reule has to battle his intense attraction towards his kebe, or foundling, while she recovers from her injuries. Later it's revealed that amongst the Sange society full of telepaths and empaths she has found herself in, she has no memory of her former life. Reule gives the woman with the blood red hair and diamond eyes the fitting name Mystique. One night at dinner they discover their foundling has both telemetric and naturopathic abilities. She uses thi... mores newfound power entirely on instinct to save their dying packmate. She finds herself just as if not more so attracted to the Sange king Reule who has given her a name and a home. They fall in lust, and can barely keep their savage passion in check. Later when the Jackals start a fire on their dry grasslands the pack walks into an electric trap. Mystique is only able to save one of the 2 dying packmembers. Later Rye chokes her in his fury of her choosing him over Amando. Reule and Mystique finally get to bed, literally, and there he proposes Mystique to be his Prima, his queen. Later a hunting party comes to their city looking for a murderess, and Mystique regains her memory. She killed a prince when he and his guards tried to gang rape her. They explain this to them and they accept what their foolish prince has done and leave. At the end of the book they learn she is pregnant, and they have found true love.I LOVED THIS BOOK SO MUCH!!!!!It has some hot and heavy sex scenes, I think 3 or 4.I would reccomend this to any girl who doesn't want to read 50 Shades of Grey haha. Less graphic than that. Very sexy haha. I really enjoy the political struggle and the romance and Mystique finding herself. LOVE IT!
review 2: I liked the story and I loved these characters. However, I could have used a little more light heartedness. Just a little more humor. Also it would've made a fun series to read if it had continued on. Maybe seeing Darcio & Liandra's story unfold in a different book. Either way it was still really good. I am only giving it 3 stars for the fact that I LOVE when a book has me laughing out loud quite often! :D less
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I have loved this author for years and she never disappoints. My only words are WOW, i want more.
Absolutely loved this book! Hope Jacquelyn Frank does more books in this world.
Reading for the 4th time.
It was just okay
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