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Descent Into Dust (2010)

by Jacqueline Lepore(Favorite Author)
3.45 of 5 Votes: 1
006187812X (ISBN13: 9780061878121)
Avon Harper Collins
Emma Andrews
review 1: I really liked this "gothic novel"because it definitely had the creepy elements you would expect to find. Emma Andrews was a great heroine! Her being a vampire hunter in the Victorian era was awesome. I also loved Valerian, he was very mysterious and I couldn't wait to find out what he was up to. I really enjoyed both Father Luke and Sebastian-he brought the much needed comic relief. Despite how much I enjoyed this book there were some parts I thought the author didn't explain well. I didn't like how she explained the evil in the tree-I thought it was unclear as to what it was. Marius was a great villein. He had just about every trait a vampire could have and then some. He was scary and I liked that you didn't know what he would do next. I also liked the Dracula refere... morences!
review 2: Brain candy - but somewhat admittedly so. At least the vampires didn't sparkle. Lepore is respectful of both the Victorian heroine AND vampire lore. This was an entertaining book and the plot twists were well developed. The supporting characters were somewhat stock (i.e. the sassy gay friend, the brooding hero with a secret, a warrior priest, and an ancient wise man) but I am hoping in subsequent books Lepore fleshes the characters out. I do like that we aren't bashed over the head with the "independence" and "modernity" of Emma, rather it is just part of her. less
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Great book, I loved it so much, I bought the sequel.
One more vampire series...
Vampires!!! Awesome!!
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