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The Judas Gate (2010)

by Jack Higgins(Favorite Author)
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0007320469 (ISBN13: 9780007320462)
HarperCollins Publishers
Sean Dillon
review 1: Spy thriller about former IRA types who are working now for British intelligence and trying to defuse an Al Quaida plot against Briain. On audio it was difficult to follow all the characters and keep track of what side they were on and the story seemed a vehicle for episodes of violence in which the good guys looked a lot like the bad guys and nothing seems to be accomplished except for a bunch of questionable characters killing people.
review 2: The Judas Gate, well in my opinion it was a pretty good read. There were some thrilling scenes throughout this book, but a lot of it was just bad dialogue. Shamrock's character could have been written much better than it was. Jack Higgins (surprisingly) disappointed me with this book, honestly if I hadn't had to compl
... moreete it for a summer assignment I would have stopped dead center in the book. Over all Sean Dillon came out as the star in the book, helping get rid of the Muslim British terrorists that were constantly being recruited to help kill proud soldiers (sadly). In my opinion, if you want to read this book go for it, but don't have that high of hopes for it like you should with all of the other Jack Higgons books, this drags on a lot and doesn't have a well thought out climactic moment which honestly just makes this book a bore. less
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Simply horrible. Only read 60 pages. Too many characters with difficult names and too many plots.
good book to pass the time, but hardly a "crackling good yarn"
good read on the extended life of a man, no one can kill.
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