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Persistence: All Ways Butch And Femme (2011)

by Ivan E. Coyote(Favorite Author)
4.05 of 5 Votes: 5
1551523973 (ISBN13: 9781551523972)
Arsenal Pulp Press
review 1: I would say about 25% of the essays I really liked, 50% were forgettable, and 25% made me extremely uncomfortable. Things that I loved: reading about different kinds of gender expression and gendered desire. Things I didn't like: oppression Olympics, the who's-more-radical-than-who competition, anyone complaining about "butch flight" or resenting transgender or genderqueer people for abandoning "real butches." Some essays were wonderful.
review 2: brilliant anthology. this collection of personal stories is thoughtful, relevant, insightful and frequently powerful. anyone interested in gender studies will find a goldmine of valuable material in this book. my one criticism is the same criticism i have for most gender studies books: where the heck are the bisexu
... moreals? in only a small selection of these essays is bisexuality mentioned or addressed. i valued those essays that much more for including us. on the whole, however, this book is incredibly well-written, and covers a wide range of ideas and responses to gender performativity and experience. less
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Zena and Ivan have put together a dynamic contemporary update on the butch/femme anthology
Wonderful up-to-date book, only a couple mis-steps, but overall I loved it.
I'm in this book! You should totally read it!
A lovely, powerful, and inspiring collection.
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