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Sherlock Holmes VS Zombi! (2010)

by Ian Edginton(Favorite Author)
3.72 of 5 Votes: 2
Magic press
Victorian Undead
review 1: A fun romp, delicious art, but simply lazy storytelling at points. I was disappointed especially by the inclusion of 20th century weaponry. I was looking forward to Victorean-Era zombie warfare, but that was subverted by the tired "secret government weaponry" trope. If it was an attempt at Steampunk, it was simply too unimaginative about envisioning the weaponry for me to recognize it as such.Sherlock also seemed a bit too friendly and not deductive enough. It was more the idea of Sherlock than the Holmes Doyle presents in his narrative.That said, the literary and historical references were top-notch. It's a smart comic, for what it lacks in other areas. Enjoyable, but with definite hitches.
review 2: I tend to avoid high-concept stuff from unknown creators lik
... moree the plague, especially if it features zombies or steampunk, but I also read every bit of Holmes pastiche I can get my hands on, so there you go. This is Holmes in Rathbone mode, a smart, dynamic man of action who solves the mystery and saves the day by bravery and initiative as much as deduction - which is not at all out of character, just one possible perspective. It can be argued that Holmes should be disproving the supernatural, as he did in the case of the Sussex Vampire, but zombieism is presented as a phenomena that is amenable to scientific analysis. The interplay between Holmes and Watson (and Mycroft) is nicely done, the scenes under London are excellent and the great detective actually does do his fair share of detecting, even if you have to pay attention to notice it amongst the more overt hi-jinks. less
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Gorgeously drawn, with a solid story. It felt too short! I wanted more zombie-slashing Holmes!
This book did not disappoint. Sherlock Holmes vs. Zombies. 'Nuff said.
Rollicking good victorian zombie fun!
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