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Letters To A Young Sister: DeFINE Your Destiny (2008)

by Hill Harper(Favorite Author)
4.11 of 5 Votes: 4
1592403514 (ISBN13: 9781592403516)
review 1: Book was a mite pretentious. Some of the advice was good and depending on the audience possibly it was and will be well received. Was I in love with this book-no. Do I understand the rationale behind it-yes. Will this be a go to book for me-no. Will I recommend it to someone else? It depends on the person I am trying to reach. I am glad I read it so I am able to understand those who think it is a great book.
review 2: I am currently reading this book and I must say that it has been an inspiring experience. Hill Harper assumes the advisor role for a young female in this book. The book provides advice and opinions from the author to the reader in the form of e-mail correspondence between Hill and the young lady; it also includes some e-mail responses from Hill's
... morefamous friends. I enjoyed the design of the book. The communicative interaction between Hill and the young sister immediately draws you in. In a sense, the book lets you view two different perspectives with Hill providing some words of wisdom and on many occassions I found my self relating. I'm 23 but I believe the words in this book are relevant to many women no matter the age or color. I'm looking forward to reading some of Hill's other works as I've truly enjoyed reading this book. less
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omg i learned alot from this book and i have a new big brother according to hill harper
it took so long to read because I couldn't get into it easily.
Amazing easy read that is great for women.
Couldn't get into it.
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