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Deliverance From Evil (2011)

by Frances Hill(Favorite Author)
2.85 of 5 Votes: 2
1590204700 (ISBN13: 9781590204702)
Overlook Hardcover
review 1: I am a die hard historical fiction reader and normally finish books I start. I couldn't finish this novel. The writing is poor and it seemed she wanted to put too many historical characters one book, whether they fit or were needed for the storyline. I would recommend focusing on the important characters from history that you want to include, not all of them, and build a powerful story around the few not many.
review 2: There is so much sensationalism regarding the Salem Witch trials I became intrigued and had to learn a little more about it. This book is insightful because a lot of the witch trials were, in fact, politically motivated. Puritans, Anglican and Quaker religions were all different and garrisons/settlements/cities/towns in what was called "Th
... moree New World" were founded on religion which evolved into power and politics. Very interesting. Tidbit: Witches were not burned at the stake---witches were hung. Additionally, men, particularly ministers, were also accused as being "in charge" of a group of witches---men, women, children--none were spared. less
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This book read more like a history book than a fiction book.
Great story, not so great writing.
Couldn't finish it! :(
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