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Flights And Chimes And Mysterious Times (2014)

by Emma Trevayne(Favorite Author)
3.7 of 5 Votes: 1
1442498773 (ISBN13: 9781442498778)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
review 1: Steampunk titles are often hard to find for myself, seemingly scarce in my opinion. Although the instant I began reading the reviews and scrolling through the ratings, I knew I couldn't be disappointed, as I wasn't. From the instance you meet Jack, all the way through the airships and steaming metal dragons, I instantly could not put this book down. The writing style is outstanding, and the illustrations added in a couple pages add a bit more character to the story itself. Absolutely loved every last gear and copper scrap of this novel, all the way from stepping into Londinium, and repairing the Gearwing.
review 2: This is a well written and fun story. I am not the best reader for it. I am now convinced I like MG steampunk better in theory than in reality. This
... more book has some really great elements of steampunk, including mechanics dragons. Set in an alternate London, it tells the story of one boy from our world who finds himself in this world of mechanics and Fae, at the mercy of the changeable and ruthless Lady and her most loyal henchman. There are a lot of characters, and there was so much moving around it was difficult to get to know them well. I do think the sinister action and fascinating world building will draw readers into it. I know I have some students who would be very interested in this book. less
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OMG I am IN LOVE with this cover. It's simply AMAZING. Love love love. Can't wait to read this!!
kids are not liking this so will try something else.
Children's steam punk alterna london fantasy
A wonderful book!
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