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Trippin Holidays (2012)

by Emily Walker(Favorite Author)
4.54 of 5 Votes: 2
Emily Walker
review 1: The more I read Emily Walker, the more I realize she has a gift for writing about the immature, self-absorbed and often ridiculous early 20-something crowd! The beginning of Trippin' Holidays had me feeling badly for this girl even though she wasn't making the best choices to begin with- and then it all changes.Her worst mistake turns the story into a funny escape-read! Take a chance on this read. The author has a unique writing style, fast pace and original stories.
review 2: This is the most hilarious book I have read EVER!!! I don't normally read books of comedy, but this one caught my attention and I am glad I read it. I highly recommend everyone read this short story, it would give you a good laugh.Come see what kind of a mess Colleen gets into after be
... moreing tricked into taking LSD. You are sure to bust out laughing, Colleen is known to be a goody two shoes, but not this night. Natalie, Colleen's best friend has her hands full this night out. less
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Hilarious short story that I really enjoyed. I caught myself laughing out loud quite a few times
Super funny and well written short story.
Great story by Emily Walker.
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