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Veiled Revenge (2013)

by Ellen Byerrum(Favorite Author)
3.98 of 5 Votes: 5
0451239512 (ISBN13: 9780451239518)
Crime of Fashion
review 1: Do you ever wonder about the history behind a friend's favorite shawl or another article of clothing that is vintage? There are a few series that touch on this subject. In this 'Crime of Fashion Mystery' novel, our resident vintage wearer becomes aware of a 'haunted shawl' at her best friend, Stella's bachelorette party. For entertainment, Maid of Honor, Lacey Smithsonian, asks mutual friend and fortune teller, Marie Largesse to read fortunes. Marie brings along a stunning Russian shawl with a curse attached. No one must disrespect the shawl or face a dire consequence. Everyone is enthralled with the tale until a party crasher arrives and is felled by the 'killer shawl.'Lacey quickly finds out the shawl is missing, and someone is trying to kill the remaining wedding party.... more While Stella vacillates between getting married or not, Lacey faces attempted vehicular murder, cut brakes, poisonings, and more, while trying to keep the wedding on track.This novel was a joy to read. I was laughing, confused as to who would be the criminal, and amazed at Stella's dress choices. A completely satisfying read from hem to neckline.I look forward to the next book in the series.
review 2: "Veiled Revenge" is a cozy mystery. This book is the ninth in a series. While you can understand and enjoy this book without reading the previous novels, you'll probably enjoy it more if you have read them (which I haven't). There were many references to events in a previous novel, including spoiler information on how that novel turned out.The characters were likable and engaging even when creating drama. Whether quirky, weird, flamboyant, or not, they were all unique. I don't care much about fashion, so I wasn't sure I'd like Lacey, but she's nice and wasn't a fashion snob like I half expected.The book was almost more of a suspense novel than a mystery--will Stella get wed or not? And who killed the wedding crasher and is trying to kill Lacey, Stella, and Stella's fiancé? The mystery was clue-based. I was able to correctly guess whodunit about a third of the way through I didn't have any idea as to why or exactly who that person was until near the end.There were no sex scenes. There was a fair amount of explicit bad language (about 55 to 61 bad words, depending on what you count as bad language). Overall, I'd recommend this personality-filled adventure, especially if you've read and enjoyed the previous books in the series.I received this book as a review novel from the publisher. less
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I love reading Ellen's books. So much of what she says about Washington fashion is true.
Still enjoying this series, this is the last one though, so looking forward to the next.
Another crazy adventure. Enjoyed it very much
A fine addition -- nothing special
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