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Night Reigns (2011)

by Dianne Duvall(Favorite Author)
4.2 of 5 Votes: 2
1420118625 (ISBN13: 9781420118629)
Immortal Guardians
review 1: Truthfully I only read these books for Seth.So I rather enjoyed this one because of Ami's close connection to Seth. However, her and Marcus' story was very sweet and sexy, despite the screaming instalove. I really liked Ami as a character. She's manages to keep up with the Immortals and Vampires, despite her many fears she's mentally strong and endearingly shy at times. Marcus is a strong, sexy hero who has an odd history. His relationship with Bethany and Robert, and his loyalty to them captivated me.While there may not be anything extremely original about this story, I enjoy the simplicity of it. There's no horrible relationship drama. No cheating, the barest hint of jealousy, no psycho possessiveness. No whack ex-girlfriend issues.Just a simple, sweet romance with a bit... more of fang.
review 2: 4.5 Stars!Wow! This is really turning out to be an interesting story. I didn’t see the new plot twists coming at all. I really enjoyed Marcus in the first book, DARKNESS DAWNS, so I’m glad he got top billing in NIGHT REIGNS. Ami is an intriguing heroine who I’ve rooted for from the very beginning. So glad they got their happily ever after. What I find so fascinating about this series is the overall story that is developing throughout all the books. Ms. Duvall gives the reader just enough hints to tantalize, but not enough to solve the puzzles. I’m so curious to see where she takes this series as a whole and the surprises she has in store for the reader. What a great different take on the vampire/immortal genre. less
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Pnr - it was a cute little romance and Ami is one my favorite heroines
I enjoyed the book but hated the cliffhanger!
Loved Marcus and Ami!
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