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Zó Doe Je Dat (2008)

by Derek Fagerstrom(Favorite Author)
4.03 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: I think this is a forever reread able piece of literature. It's humorous of wit and the manualisk photos are pricelessly entertaining. I also adore books who have suggested copy and cut page projects. Stencils and patterns and graphs OH MY! I find this choice to be deliberately endless in interactive use. I am a huge fan of the preparedness genre, but this is a horse of another color. Bright colors. I also admire how the creators of this book encourage regular friendly artsy get togethers. In this age of isolated computer generated production and assembly line creation, individualistic and unique handmade items are disappearing and becoming archaic. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to create.
review 2: This book is great - really simple and easy
... more to understand instructions. However, some of the stuff shouldn't really be included in a book like this. For example, some of the medical stuff. One should not read how to stop someone bleeding out and dying in 4 easy steps and then think they are a qualified doctor or something. It isn't supposed to be a serious book, so some people shouldn't take it that way. It is quite amusing at times, and some stuff is useful i guess. less
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Almost no words, goes totally by pictures. Full of random topics. Very cool!
Fun for a flick through, but most of the ideas are unlikely to be useful.
a guide every person should have
Love this book...!!!!
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