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You Dropped A Blonde On Me (2010)

by Dakota Cassidy(Favorite Author)
3.76 of 5 Votes: 5
0425236994 (ISBN13: 9780425236994)
Berkley Trade
Ex Trophy Wives
review 1: At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this book… I picked up a romantic comedy and got a constant reminder of my own sucky divorce… but the more I read the more I realized I was able to laugh at those memories… it was nice to know that I wasn’t the only one who acted insane during that time of their life… even though Max’s story is a bit more extreme than my own and sadly I can never say I was married to a millionaire… the emotions were the same… the fear of making the same mistake… the overreaction to every slight of men around you, both imagined and real… especially any showing interest… and that’s what ultimately made this book so awesome… it was real and something I think could help someone going through a bad time in their life… ... moreyou don’t have to be a trophy wife to feel what she was feeling… and Max was a wonderful character that showed a woman striving to stand on her own 2 feet and do the best she could for her son… and yes it was funny and sweet… and Campbell was pretty great too… all the characters really were… my one problem was the Adam/Len part of the story… though Len is Max’s best friend and Adam becomes a key part of the story… having their romantic story and Len’s own problems shoved in felt a little forced… as in to stretch the tale out a bit… honestly I would’ve rather had their story as a separate book… and if anyone could explain the title to me I’d appreciate that too… altogether though this is worth the read…
review 2: For this year's reading challenge, I was to read 5 romance books for the month of February. This was the fifth and final book (thank goodness!) You can tell how much I love this genre as it took me 3 months to finish this part of the challenge!! This really isn't my favorite genre -- it has to be a really great story in order for me to buy into it. I chose only one other contemporary romance for the challenge, so this one was enjoyable in that way, and I did like Maxine's psychoanalysis of every little thing -- because I can be pretty psychoanalytical myself! ;) But I just felt like I was being spoon-fed the story and knew what was going to happen before I even began reading. So if I wasn't sure before, the genre definitely does not do much for me. And the book -- taking my personal feelings for the genre away--was really just okay. Pretty slow in some places, and there was a sub-plot going along through it that I really didn't see as necessary. In fact, it was pretty distracting. less
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Cute, funny, and sexy. This book is a great read if you are looking for an easy read romance.
The characters were sassy and entertaining and fairly well developed.
J'ai vraiment bien aimé ce 1er tome plein d'humour.
So disappointed with this book.
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