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Hotter After Midnight (2008)

by Cynthia Eden(Favorite Author)
3.94 of 5 Votes: 4
0758226020 (ISBN13: 9780758226020)
review 1: Well....i somehow managed to finish this which is probably the last totally nice thing i'll have to say about this book (and frankly it is a feat that amazed me since no less than 5 times i almost quit it).Heroine: She had sooo much promise. A strong independent woman with power enough to deal with the supernatural world. If the world was a just place she would've remained so but enter our hero. Once she meets him she turns into this obnoxious female that i don't even like to be around in real life much less one i want to read about in my precious free time. For example: "no i cant sleep with you it's too soon and I don't even know what kind of shifter you are"...and then before you can even applaud, "oh no nothing matters but your cock (which of course is massive)." And y... morees i'm paraphrasing but not by much. I mean i don't mind a heroine who goes gaga over her man if he's worth it but she just lets him walk all over her and eats it up. Add to that all the TSTL moments and you have a heroine i love to hate.Hero: *gag**gag**gag* everything about him made me sick to my stomach this is clearly an abusive relationship he doesn't actually hit her but he is domineering and definitely pushed sexual assault boundaries. Don't get me wrong I like alphas (in fiction at least) and understand that a certain amount of he-manness is expected out of them but this went way over the top. He seems to think because he can arouse her body no does not absolutely mean no and this attitude, especially from a female author, pisses me off because of the damage this perception can cause to the psyche of a rape victim who thinks that because her body responded it wasn't really rape or to the people who read this and let it become their truth. No means no always and forever end of story. There are more things i could say (none very good) but since i'm about to go to bed i'll try not to get worked up. But one last note...they were together for what like a week and hadn't even discussed their relationship when he just ups and decides that she his mate and therefore he's entitled to mark her in the shifter equivalent of marriage?...yeah total character turnoff.Romance: well considering my rant about both characters you can imagine my feelings about the romance if you'd call it that. I'll just refer you to what i've already written above.Sex scenes: ok if you'd dropped me in the middle of one i'd have been confused but they would've been really hot. unfortunately the hero's actions in starting the sex were usually enough to throw me off and keep me from getting fully into it because in the back of my head i'm wondering whether she's actually into it or just going along with her hormones...then wondering how the hell she could actually be willing to be with someone like that.Plot: Interesting but the best parts weren't terribly developed and the ending was way too quick and far too neat. The world was too big but mostly glossed over-we get the crash course rather than a rich developed mythology. The "twist" wasn't that hard to figure out which isn't a shocker for me but still disappointing. I felt like the plot had serious potential but it got neglected in favor of the romance which i didn't find as enjoyable.Writing: for most of the book i thought i'd at least be able to give praise and another star here. then i hit a spot where effect was used when affect should've been and my inner grammar nazi cringed. Also the author does that thing i absolutely hate where they mix clinical and erotica terms during sex scenes which just makes me feel all ooky about it. Also as I've mentioned the mythology was neglected (another peeve of mine) and there were some glaring things that were missing (or at least i assume they were since we didn't get told otherwise). For instance I've never read a series where wolves didn't at least typically run in packs...because they're wolves and that's what wolves do. Also I cant recall ever reading a series where shifters didn't know their mate by scent like here.Bottom line: a real disappointment the blurb gave me high hopes for this but in the end i really can't manage to say anything totally good about the book except that i finished it.
review 2: I love reading each author’s take on Other/Shifters and this author didn’t disappoint. Other live alongside humanity who don’t, in the main, know about their existence. In this book, shifters who carry a wolf are the worst of the supernatural world. They are vicious, feral and disloyal and are not to be trusted by anyone. Emily Drake is a psychologist who specialises in treating vampires, shifters, charmers, witches etc. She is human but has a psychic ability that lets her look into the minds of others. Colin Gyth is a hardened cop who also happens to be a wolf shifter. When his last partner tried to kill him after he revealed his true self to him, Colin has resolved to keep his true status under wraps and whilst some Other know he is from their world, they do not know exactly what he is and he intends on keeping it that way.Colin is called to a murder scene which is not your standard murder. The victim is human but he has had his throat torn out. To help the case Colin’s Captain, Danny McNeal, calls in Emily to profile the killer and to say that Emily and Colin take a dislike to each other would be an understatement. However, whilst working closely together and against their better judgements, their feelings for each other change and just as Colin gets to grips with his realisation that Emily might be his mate, she becomes the target of the killer. When two more bodies turn up, the frustrations of the investigation team know no bounds. There’s also the added problem of Colin’s partner, Detective Todd Brooks, feeling nothing but suspicion for Emily who draws out Colin’s protective nature putting them at logger heads. Brooks is feeling even more left out of the loop when he realises that Emily, Colin and McNeal are having secret meetings which don’t include him!As with all of Cynthia’s books, the suspense doesn’t fail and as usual, I was surprised when I discovered who the killer was. If you want an enjoyable paranormal romantic suspense story, then it’s definitely Cynthia’s books that you should pick up as you won’t be disappointed. less
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A good paranormal romance series. Worth reading.
it was alright.not the bestnot the worst
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