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L'empereur De Paris (2013)

by C.S. Richardson(Favorite Author)
3.61 of 5 Votes: 5
review 1: Every once in a while a book will sneak up on me when I'm not expecting it and blow me out of the water. This was one of the few books in a long time to truly do that to me. This drawn out love story captured me from the very first page. Sometimes a little bit confusing since there are multiple perspectives, but overall I LOVED this book. Sometime it's the impulse buys you find on a table by the check out line at Chapters that make you fall in love with reading again. Take your time with this book, it's wonderful. The writing style is fantastic and I will be looking at the authors other books!
review 2: Paris, France, late 1800s/early 1900s. Meet Octavio, his family runs the Notre-Dame Bakery and there is Isabeau, whose family who is in fashion. Reading this st
... moreory felt like a bakery weaving an artisan bread together or an artist painting showing spotlights of each other's lives and how their life paths come to fruition. Love how the author describes colours and references to books throughout the story of searching for oneself, friendship, forgiveness and love. less
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Could NOT get into this book. I found it soooooo boring. I finally just gave up on it.
Reads like a French movie, all characters came to life. Really enjoyed this book.
Just not that compelling
Charming, heartwarming.
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