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There Is No Light In Darkness (2013)

by Claire Contreras(Favorite Author)
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Claire Contreras
review 1: OHH GOD!!! I have a new book-boyfriend! COLE ❤️❤️❤️ was the best! God! I love men who cry--and he cries a lot! LOL! Masochistic much!?... Possibly ;) Kidding aside, book was awesome! I liked the mystery in it. You read scenes from both past and present. Back and forth kind of thing! So you are understanding things slowly, could not guess cause you getting the information little by little. This was the second book I've read by Claire Contreras ( first Catch me and now this one). She is real good! I like the way she wrote both books. She can easily balance the description of the details in book. Not much description, where you'd want to shot yourself. Just enough when its necessary. I loved both male and female characters! Strong, smart girl, possesive, know-what... more-he-wants, kind of guy! Enough drama and excitement, awesome writing, trust-worthy friends....well what more do you need. Highly recommended!
review 2: While this book boasts a beautiful cover and an intriguing plot line, the story begins to fizzle midway through the book and sadly never regains it's footing. In the first half of the book, we are introduced to one of the main characters, Blake, through the writer's use of penning between Blake's past and Blake's present. As a young child, Blake witnessed the murder of both of her parents and was then abducted by someone at the murder. Blake was placed with a loving aunt and then went on to live with a loving foster mother. However, that fateful night still plagues Blake. The one person Blake allows herself to be vulnerable with is Cole, her childhood boyfriend whom she separated from shortly after high school. While Cole and Blake rekindle their relationship in very steamy portions of the book, it felt flat. The initial moment when they "get back together" is fueled with a hot physical reconnection, but is lacking the emotional connect so it feels more like a fling...except they stay together. The writer continues through the book to try to add in the emotional connect but it falls very short of believable. Add in that Blake now has mysterious amounts of money, someone appears to be following her, and she begins to recognize men from the night her parents were murdered, it is a lot of story lines that become tangled rather than seeming together. Topped off with a cliffhanger ending that forces you to get book 2, this book leaves readers frustrated and trying to remember what exactly is going on. less
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Cliffhanger for sure!
Holy cliff hanger...
An amazing book
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