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The Empire's Corps (2012)

by Christopher Nuttall(Favorite Author)
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The Empire's Corps
review 1: Alright book, I'll PROBABLY continue with the others in the future. It just seemed to get really bogged down in fictional propaganda at times that pulled me out of the story. Every chapter there is an intro explaining how AWESOME the marines are compared to everyone else in the galaxy who are morally corrupt or just emotionally and intellectually immature. There is plenty of that feeling from the characters themselves and the dialogue in the story, we didn't need page after page of external history an analysis to reiterate it I felt like. The story also lacked much real tension or suspense I felt because... the marines are the only people who have their shit together! Their enemies are laughable and hardly ever amount to a credible threat. Every encounter the marines... more wipe the floor and you never feel the threat that the characters seem to feel all the time.
review 2: This is a great start to a series. This book introduces us to the Terran Marines, one of the most elite fighting forces in an empire on the brink of collapse. This has all the ingredients I'm looking for in a space opera: a large, complex universe that's big enough for the characters to have several books' worth of adventures, well thought-out characters that can be both human and heroic, and an involved political system with room for social commentary as well as adventure. One thing this book has that others lack is the ability to treat it's characters as real people. Sometimes they make mistakes, or make the wrong decision, and that can make all the difference between just another adventure story and a true drama. I've read all the books in the series so far, and recommend it without reserve. Just as much entertainment as you'll find in the sci-fi section of your local book store at half the price. less
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This was a good book. I will definitely read the next one. A mix of action and political drama.
Really enjoyed this series, even with a fair number of typos and suspicious punctuation!
A solid 4, maybe 4.5 stars. A very satisfying read.
Good story, a little crude at times.
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