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Raising Happiness: 10 Simple Steps For More Joyful Kids And Happier Parents (2010)

by Christine Carter(Favorite Author)
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0345515617 (ISBN13: 9780345515612)
Ballantine Books
review 1: Read this for a parents' book club at Isobel's school. It is full of good ideas that are backed up by research, but I just don't really like advice/selfhelp books. The author's tone and style got on my nerves. I am trying to incorporate a few ideas- pushing for more family dinners, asking the kids to tell me three good things each day, going easy on the non-effort-based praise- so I suppose that's something. Certain studies described have really stuck with me. But with these types of books I just wish I could scan a pamphlet or blog post and get the information rather than wasting so much time reading the whole book.
review 2: Really good info and perspective. Many of the details don't apply to my family just yet because of the age of my child, but I actu
... moreally found the most benefit in just reminding myself some ways to be happier on a daily basis (gratitude, mindfulness, positive speech). I will definitely re-visit this one from time to time as I think it has a lot of practical advice for raising children in the an intense, oftentimes stressful, negative world. less
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An excellent book. Well worth reading if you're a Mum.
Good points and useful information.
Gimmicky, but good for awareness
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