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Werewolf At The Zoo (2011)

by Charlie Richards(Favorite Author)
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Wolves of Stone Ridge
review 1: I didn't actually enjoy this book, which is odd considering I usually love shifter stories but with this book everything was just boring! The characters were kind of annoying, the plot was generic and it wasn't that well planned and written. Rainy (who the hell calls their child Rainy?) is a wolf shifter who finds his mate along with his brother Cliff. We're not really told much about his past or appearance except that he has abs and long hair and this particularly annoys me as I love tons and tons of background information on main characters. Travis is human but is so far in the closet he can see Narnia. His fear of coming out stems from the fact that he believes his parents will disown and cut him off from their money. We also know nearly nothing about Travis' past and t... morehis infuriates me because I want to connect with the main characters but I was unable to do so with such little information.The plot has been used multiple times but Charlie Richards added a twist to it- Cliff, Rainy's brother, gets locked away in a zoo (not a spoiler, it says so on the blurb). I liked the twist so I would have given this book more stars if everything else was carried out better. The book skipped parts I really wanted hear about like breaking Cliff out of the zoo and dinner with Rainy's family.After I read this book I honestly felt like I wasted my time on nothing. Once I reached the half way point I just wanted to stop reading due to how bored I was becoming with it but I forced my self to continue because I hate giving up on a book and thought that it would maybe get better.I would not advise anyone to read this book unless you like to read books with characters that have no background information but if you plan to do so then prepare yourself.
review 2: I really liked this story. It is one I would gladly recommend. I was disappointed in the publisher's format. There are places where the words don't match up to the sentences so you have to try and put them together and it happened in a couple of places. It took me right out of the story. I tried not to dock the book for something the author didn't intend but it was very hard to ignore. Bad Publisher... Good story. less
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