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The Last Enchantments (2014)

by Charles Finch(Favorite Author)
3.21 of 5 Votes: 2
1250018714 (ISBN13: 9781250018717)
St. Martin's Press
review 1: this is a coming of age book for young adults - those in college, just out of college - trying to figure out there place/role in life. I enjoyed it and read through it quickly. I believe it to be an honest story and enjoyed the characters a lot. Reminded me some of my college days. The friends in the story could give you a community like FRIENDS and the BIG BANG THEORY - for perspective. Education choices, continental choices, relationship choices - all do help determine where you will be. How one makes those decisions and why is to be assessed at each decision point. Well written, believable characters, and a setting, that most can visualize and understand, but that could be any school of higher education and location... - I want to go punting and dancing with ... moreANIL!
review 2: I always find it hard to enjoy a book when I don't like the main character. Will, a 25 year old American who ditches everything to take off for a year at Oxford, struck me as a selfish boor. While he did have the decency to break up with his girlfriend at home before he starts shagging British girls, he insists on a "no hook-up" policy, which he blatantly ignores while constantly grilling the girl about. The plot doesn't really go anywhere. I kept hoping things would improve and that Will would have an epiphany and realize what a jerk he was, but no such luck. Basically, the idea is that "it's great to be rich enough to go spend a year at Oxford and be a college kid for an extra year in a really cool setting." less
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Boring, boring, boring! I have spent too much of my life surrounded by people like these.
Ahhhhhhhhh... I want to be young again and at Oxford. That is all.
Too long. Shallow characters. Uninteresting story.
Didn't finish
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