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Ten Girls To Watch (2012)

by Charity Shumway(Favorite Author)
3.66 of 5 Votes: 1
1451673418 (ISBN13: 9781451673418)
Washington Square Press
review 1: I really enjoyed this book! It reminded me *slightly* of "The Devil Wears Prada", only with a much nicer boss and office space. Throughout the story, I found myself wishing Charm magazine and the TGTW contest were real things. I liked the ending, too, although it was different than I expected.My biggest complaint about the story was the placement of commas. They were either too close together, giving the story a stilted, William Shatner-esque feel, or they were missing completely, which forced me to stop reading in order to decipher the author's meaning. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a sweet (but not saccharine), feel-good story.
review 2: This book was listed as a nominee for "reader's choice" books at my local library, so I p
... moreicked it up largely because it seemed like a light, fun read; chick lit clearly written all over it. And it was, except then it wasn't. The premise was clever enough (post-grad struggling to find her way in New York City) and I wanted to like it. But the further along I got, the more I found myself putting the book down for longer periods of time. Dawn, the main character, is likable, and the author's writing style is engaging, but the self deprecating and lack of self worth, particularly in relation to her ex-boyfriend quickly left the realm of "Relatable" and "That could totally be me" and moved toward, "Really? You're calling your ex again? You accepted that dinner invite to be set up by an online dating service by your ex-boyfriends new girlfriend?" And the list goes on. She lets herself get walked all over so many times, mostly voluntarily, that the book becomes sort of a drag. You know the friend that you are so willing to help when they've gone through a rough patch, but then notice that it's not really a rough patch, but more of a self-flogging... all the time? So you begin to avoid their calls because their actions never change? That was this book. I began to avoid picking it up because Dawn never learned her lesson. She comes to some self-realization at the end, but it truly seems like too little, too late, and largely a matter of circumstance. No real happily ever after, professionally or romantically, just a lack luster, "I'll be ok". You won't hate the book, the character sketches throughout are indeed "charming," but you won't finish the book really satisfied either. The main character never really takes the advice of all the amazing women she's interviewing. She just sort of thinks about it, while the reader grows ever more weary of her inability to take charge of her life. less
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This was a really fun easy, breezy read. Very beach friendly!
Great summer read. I enjoyed the book.
Made it to pg 49.... No further
Really a 3.8 star book
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