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Rumors Of Savages (2009)

by Carrie Regan(Favorite Author)
3.62 of 5 Votes: 4
1436389917 (ISBN13: 9781436389914)
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review 1: This book had everything I like, humor, jungle adventure, environmental consciousness, and a dig at the media money machine. A TV crew from a reality Adventure channel heads out to search for a missing anthropologist, lost in the African jungle, while hunting for an uncontacted tribe. The natives, called the Bambada, are associated with numerous terrifying legends from cannibalism to prophecy and locals from the area refuse to enter the jungle. The TV team sends back live feeds from the field and the producers are thrilled. When members of the group begin disappearing, public opinion turns quickly. After numerous scary twists and turns, the mystery of the tribe is revealed in a very surprising and uplifting way. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I thought the plot, characte... morers and tone made for a great read. Another reviewer mentioned Carl Hiassen, and I can see why. Like Hiassen, Regan takes a sensitive cultural –ethological-environmental theme and creates a super story. I would definitely look for more from this author.
review 2: I loved this book! finished it in a day and half. I thought it had a really unique plot. the book is set deep in the Nburu jungle of Africa where a team of producers from the adventure channel are sent to rescue a famous anthropologist from a savage tribe of man eaters. My only complaint about the book is the fantastical ending that didn't seem to belong. Don't get me wrong it was a great ending but didn't seem to fit the style of the book, seeming to come out of no where in a way. I definitely recommend this book! less
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I think this was a freebie, or close...Quick read....
This was ok. I wouldnt read it again though!!
Kindle free download 8/5/12.
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