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Plain Pursuit (2009)

by Beth Wiseman(Favorite Author)
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1595547193 (ISBN13: 9781595547194)
Thomas Nelson Publishers
Daughters of the Promise
review 1: Thoroughly enjoyable! What a different storyline...and I loved it. What made it interesting was the "different take" that Ms. Wiseman put on usual Amish fiction. The story about Noah - a shunned Amish man and Carley - an outsider visiting her Amish friend was completely new and refreshing. I felt for both of these young people and the problems they were dealing with. And yes...there were a couple of times when I even had to wipe a little moisture from my eyes. The characters were believable and I enjoyed them all. So many different things were addressed in this book and I don't want to spoil it for others so I'm "picking and choosing" what I say. Okay... I recommend this book if you like Amish fiction, Christian fiction, Drama (yes there's some),Romance, learning abo... moreut a medical procedure (won't say more than that.Luckily for me although this is the second book in the series it can be read as a standalone. I have books 2-6 of the series..somehow missed getting the first. Don't ask me how, but that will have to definitely be rectified if I want to read Lillian's story :)!!
review 2: Carley Marek is still recovering both physically and mentally from a devastating car accident when her editor insists she take a month long vacation. Carley reluctantly agrees and goes to visit her friend Lillian who married an Amish man, became Amish herself, and happily lives in Amish country. Carley no sooner begins to find some peace in the simple way the Amish live when Lillian's son falls desperately ill. Carley finds new insight into the Amish ways when Lillian's husband Samuel is reluctant to let the only doctor who can help, Noah, do so. As Carley tries to help Lillian's family, she is increasingly drawn to Noah and begins to question her life so far and her relationship not only with Noah but with God.With its Amish setting, "Plain Pursuit" is a unique, fresh romance novel. It is actually deeper than a typical romance novel as it focuses not just on the attraction between Carley and Noah, but gives good insight into the Amish way of life. While many aspects of Amish life are touched on, the one must crucial to the plot is that of "shunning" a part of Amish life that certainly had me thinking about the book long after I finished reading it and would make the book a perfect choice for a book club read because it no doubt would lead to many debates about certain Amish practices. Carley and Noah are both deep characters, especially for a romance novel. Carley is scarred in many ways from the car accident and struggling with her growing attraction to Noah while wondering if he would want to live with her physical flaws. Noah is a man who sacrificed much to become a doctor and is trying to make up for a foolish mistake he made while young. The romance perhaps could have been developed a bit more but the attraction between them is undeniable. While religion plays a very important part in the book, author Beth Wiseman never hits readers over the head with it - it's simply a major part of life for many of the characters."Plain Pursuit" is a nicely done romance novel. less
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Definitely enjoying this author more and more.
This story makes me yearn for a simple life.
Beth Wiseman is a great story teller
Love. Believe.
Great series.
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