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Blind Wolf (2000)

by Aubrey Rose(Favorite Author)
3.42 of 5 Votes: 5
Werewolf BBW Shifter Romance
review 1: I enjoyed this novella. I'm eager to read the next three stories that go with it. A little disappointed it wasn't longer. And also disappointed that it focuses so much on Julia's weight. Yes, we all want to be size 3 supermodels, but everyone in the story seemed to be hung-up on Julia's physical appearance. Her boss looked down on her, the college boys made fun of her, even Damiem's pack calls into question her appearance.
review 2: So this has been sitting on my kindle for a while. I happen to come across it while I was looking at what to read next and figure why the hell not. I found Blind wolf to be overall a very sweet romance. However it could definitely use some ironing out and a couple more chapters as filler. Everything that happened was a little to co
... morenvenient. And although I enjoyed the conflict revolving around our heroine and what she truly is, there's no build up to it. You turn the page and all of a sudden it's just there. There's no background leading up to it, no explanation of history... nothing. I understand that this is part of a series. So maybe once I read the other books I may change my mind. However based on this one novella alone, although it was good, there's just too much missing for a higher rating less
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Kinda different. Handicapped wolves and a human mate for one. Each chapter changes who is narrator.
Hard to put down. The story just sweeps you away! Would love to hear more about Grandma D.
it was a cute story
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