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Big Questions (2011)

by Anders Nilsen(Favorite Author)
4.09 of 5 Votes: 1
1770460470 (ISBN13: 9781770460478)
Drawn and Quarterly
review 1: An hugely ambitious and gorgeously sparse graphic novel about a charm of finches and their existential crises after their serene meadow is disturbed by a crashed plane and its explosive payload. Nilson's artwork may be sparse with an abundance of white space but it's thematically dense and physically hefty at almost 600 pages. Even though every bird is drawn almost exactly the same, each character has a distinct personality and after a while, you can tell them apart just from their dialogue. Once you've finished, it'll definitely leave you with some big questions to think about.
review 2: Impresionante. Empieza con historietas sobre pájaros que dialogan con humor metafísico, luego conocemos a quines los alimentan en el páramo donde viven, una vieja y un defi
... moreciente mental, después cae una bomba de un avión que no explota y que los pájaros toman por un huevo que deben cuidar y de esta manera se va tejiendo un relato de 600 páginas que me ha dejado muy impresionado. Hay humor negro y/o absurdo, hay fábula y un tremendo substrato sobre la fe, la amistad, la valentía y nuestro lugar en el mundo. Una cosa muy grande y un enorme ejemplo de gran historia que sólo puede desarrollarse como cómic. less
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I'm going to need to come back to this one. Took me a few hours to get through it in one sitting.
Amazing! Synthesized narrative and philosophy in a way that was accessible and unpretentious.
A big, pretty graphic novel, but without any simple ending.
oh, birds...
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