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Scene Dalla Vita Di Un Villaggio (2010)

by Amos Oz(Favorite Author)
3.67 of 5 Votes: 1
8807018020 (ISBN13: 9788807018022)
review 1: While described as a novel, I'd say a collection of short stories with the same setting is more accurate as there seemed to be no central conflict. In the beginning, the small town seems quaint, but each short story reveals how twisted the things and people in town are. I was often left aghast at the end of a chapter/story. The beautiful writing and genuine surprises make me want to read more by this author.
review 2: For me, this book is rather like modern art, it is less about what the author is trying to say and more about what the reader takes in and develops themselves. This by the way, is also a very strong message that Oz writes about in his autobiography, A Tale of Love and Darkness.Being Israeli, I had the advantage of reading the book in the Hebrew o
... moreriginal. Oz's use of Hebrew is masterful, a true delight and one of the principle reasons that I so enjoyed the read. It also helps to be able to identify with the characters and situations, which are all very Israeli.As to the stories themselves, they are all snapshots of an hour or two in the lives of the individual residents of the village, and all the stories end abruptly. I have never come across this in any other book that I have read, and I admire Oz for his daring.Most of the Israeli critics have taken the stories as allegories for the direction of modern Israeli society and politics. Maybe. I prefer to relate to them as pictures of individual lives: you don't know much about what happened before, and absolutely nothing about what happens afterwards. This is very much part of the human condition. Even people who we are in constant contact with, we often know very little about them and what we think we know, is nothing more than conjectured extrapolations.A thought provoking piece of art. less
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Un libro lleno de angustia, aunque bien escrito,en las ultimas páginas terminó apocalíptico.
I used to love Oz's work, but this one was really off the mark.
Not his best work, nonetheless, an enjoyable read.
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