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Circle Of Wives, A: A Novel (2014)

by Alice LaPlante(Favorite Author)
3.33 of 5 Votes: 2
1491507543 (ISBN13: 9781491507544)
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review 1: This book just didn't grab my interest. It was one of those well i'm about 100 pages in, I just started skimming from there it was so slow and boring. The premise is a well known doctor winds up dead and it comes out he was married to three different women. His first wife is privy to this fact and actually orchestrated the weddings/trips/visits/dinners with his other 'wives'. Investigating his death is a fresh faced young cop who seems to fumble her way through the whole investigation. I would have liked to see the women have more backbone and portrayed in a better light. Not a must read, the ending is predictable within the first few chapters.
review 2: Respected plastic surgeon is found dead in a hotel room under suspicious circumstances. The plot thic
... morekens when it is discovered he had three wives. Detective Samantha Adams finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together. This is a well written, suspenseful and expertly plotted work of suspense. The characters are types, well but superficially drawn. This book is an entertaining but light read. less
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Not as good as Turn of Mind, but story got better as it went on.
Quick who--done it set in a bigamy theme. Clever
Bigamy AND trigamy..if that's even a word.
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