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The Lance (2011)

by Alex Lukeman(Favorite Author)
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The Project
review 1: Excellent read. The project is a counter-terrorist team reporting to the President of the USA. It is a small, effective team that keeps America safe from enemies both within and outside the USA. Nick Carter is a great main character supported by a very adept team composed of Selena, Ronnie, Elizabeth, Stephanie and Lamont. Finished this at 3:00 a.m. Can't wait to read the next book in the Project series.
review 2: Alex Lukeman gets it right with his second in The Project series, bringing the members together to pursue the well infiltrated uncover and organized terror group coming at the president and the U.S. from a different direction than we've come to recently expect. We were introduced to The Project members in the White Jade and learned to love the fl
... moreawed (ex-Marine with raging PTSD) but brilliant and intuitive Nick Carter, his romantic interest, Selena Connor, and Project director Elizabeth Harker. We were previously introduced to these major characters as well as the other members of the Project, each melding into an extremely effective anti-terrorist force complementing each member's individual specialty. Bringing into the credible plot are premises borne of historic reality supported by well researched rumors debunked with fact. Each scene is so well described, it plays out like a video in the mind and allows you to visualize the room, the country, the stage with the president, or the hospital. The pace never lets you down; the characters work their magic; the climax is strong--managing to close out this installment satisfactorily while making us hungry for the next. Bravo, Alex! Now about this little problem with Elizabeth.......... less
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This book was much better than the first book in the series, White Jade.
The author is developing nicely.
a 3.5 star. Good read.
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