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Timothy And The Dragon's Gate (2009)

by Adrienne Kress(Favorite Author)
3.79 of 5 Votes: 5
1602860238 (ISBN13: 9781602860230)
Weinstein Books
Alex and the Ironic Gentleman
review 1: We love this story. My son loves the adventure and suspense. He regularly convinces me to stay in the car for an extra 20 - 30 minutes to continue listening (audio book version), because he just has to know what happens next. I admit I am also anticipating the next scene, and willingly let ice cream melt in the trunk just to hear it.I love the main character. He is a boy who, hurt by the relational void with his parents and constantly being misunderstood (and constantly in trouble), has adopted an angrily ambivalent (is that contradictory?) attitude toward all other people. He is drawn into an unbelievable plight involving a dragon who had been cursed to be human, and finds himself caring very much about the destiny of this creature person - but cannot understand why. As T... moreimothy changes, the transformation is not full-on toughie turns to bleeding heart, which would be trite and would not fit with this story. He maintains many of his challenges, and several times vacillates between warmth and coldness. But his changes are real, and I find myself internally cheering the relationships that he manages to build along the way. The empathy that he builds comes with uncertain vulnerability, and there are times when my heart hurts with him. This is a story that will stick with us for a long time. It may not be as epic as the Hobbit, but it is well worth picking up and spending time with it.
review 2: This book is thrilling, taking place at about the same time as Alex and the ironic gentlemen. This book reveals that Timothy is persistent to rescue his friends while facing multiple challenges, like escaping the trio of black cabs, or facing a group of ninjas. A thriller for all ages, seeing Timothy rescuing a Chinese dragon from a curse that he's been under for hundreds of years. Enjoy reading this book! less
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Great characters. I liked as much as the first book.
interesting concept that totally falls flat.
Loved the style of writing.....
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