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Cloud Walking (2013)

by A. Meredith Walters(Favorite Author)
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A. Meredith Walters
review 1: I liked this novella, it was short and at times sweet. Yes I am happy that I got to read what both Rachel and Daniel were thinking at times but I also hated how down they were about Maggie and Clay the whole way through the book. I did not like how they kept thinking they were better then him. Then they disapproved of Maggie and Clay together because "love should not hurt" but Rachel was constantly hurt by Daniel, that is all we read for the longest time in the first book so it seemed like they were being hypocrites. I also got tired of Daniel always going to make his move with Rachel but then backing down because of their friendship and so instead he would lay around with Kylie. That got old and it made the story drag some. Like I said I enjoyed reading about the differen... moret POV's but that was it.
review 2: As much i liked these two I just feel it didn't add anything new to the story and am starting to think sidekick novellas aren't my thing. I'll have to learn to leave a good thing alone. I loved the original two books, but this was just a bit of light reading. But with all the books already on my kindle and my TBR list my time would have been better off elsewhere!Just have to add all the typing errors and just plain mistakes made it a bit of a painful read. less
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I just wish it had been longer. I really liked these two. They were the calm amongst the storm...
Rachel and Daniel's story was fun to read, much more light hearted than Maggie and Clay's.
I don't have enough hormones to keep reading this kind of literature.
So happy they got there story!
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